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Yves Garneau is an award-winning Canadian photographer living at the foot of Europe’s finest ski resort, Verbier, Switzerland. His career in photography began 16 years ago, shooting ski and snowboard photos for editorial and commercial clients. He is regarded as one of the best winter action sports photographers in the business and his images can be found in publications and ad campaigns around the world.

Nearly ten years ago, Yves was commissioned to shoot a series of properties in the Alps for a major tour operator. Realizing his versatility, he honed his skills on what would eventually become a major part of his business. He now spends most of the year shooting luxury properties all over the Alps for clients such as Virgin Ltd., Starwood Hotels, Swiss Development Group and Haute Montagne. His client list and reputation in the field of interior photography is a testament to his abilities and professionalism.

Clean lines and bright crisp photos define Yves’ style, often giving viewers the impression that they are standing in the room next to him. Bringing a space to life through photography can be tricky but his photos make you feel like you’ve visited the property in person.

But who is this guy?

Yves was born in Halifax, Canada but grew up in the nation’s capital, Ottawa. From a young age, Yves has been interested in all forms of visual art. As a boy, he often spent his spare time in the summers painting and sketching. Some of his early works still adorn the walls of his grandmother’s house in Ottawa. At age of 14, he entered L’├ęcole secondaire De la Salle, which specializes in the arts. In 1995, he graduated and left for the west coast of Canada to pursue his other passion, skiing.

It was while living in Whistler, Canada that Yves discovered his passion for photography. Yves began to carry his camera everywhere he went, in search of perfect moments. In 1997, he packed his bags and left for the Swiss Alps, the ultimate destination to pursue his merging passions.

Over the past 18 years, Yves has worked for countless editorial and commercial clients. His work has brought him to the four corners of the earth where he has produced stunning photojournalism pieces as well as international ad campaigns.

He is now based in Valais, Switzerland living with his wife and two children in a small village that produces some of the finest cheese, wine and beef. For Yves, life couldn’t be better!

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