All photos copyright of Yves Garneau 2015. All rights reserved



“Working with Yves is a pleasure. His elegant photos capture not only the space

but the spirit of our favorite mountain hideaway, The Lodge.”

Sir Richard Branson, owner and director of Virgin Group

“Yves’ photos have been an inspiration to both our sales and design teams.

Great work, professionally executed and a pleasure to work with.”

Marcus Brater, director of Kings Hotel

“Yves’ photography has been an invaluable asset

in marketing our most luxurious properties”

Duncan Robertson, director of Haute Montagne and Bramble Ski

“Real estate agencies had told me that professional photos would make the difference in

marketing my property, but only after working with Yves did I realize the full extent of what they meant.”

Fabio Filippi, owner of Vallée Blanche, Verbier, Switzerland


“In the real estate business we like to say that a picture is worth a thousand words

…and Yves’ photographic quality just speaks for itself.”

Lois Vitry-Trapman, Director of Sales and Marketing, Swiss Development Group