“Working with Yves is a pleasure. His elegant photos capture not only the space but the spirit of our favorite mountain hideaway, The Lodge.”

– Sir Richard Branson, Owner and Director, Virgin Group

“Yves’ photos have been an inspiration to both our sales and design teams. Great work, professionally executed and a pleasure to work with.”

 – Marcus Brater, Director, Kings Hotel

“Yves’ photography has been an invaluable asset in marketing our most luxurious properties”

– Duncan Robertson, Director, Haute Montagne and Bramble Ski

“Patient et à l’écoute, Yves dépasse toujours nos attentes. Il a l’oeil pour trouver les bons angles, mettre les sujets en valeurs et produire de magnifiques images. Un artiste fantastique!”

– Stéphanie Oliver, Director of Marketing & Communications, W Verbier Hotel

“In the real estate business we like to say that a picture is worth a thousand words

…and Yves’ photographic quality just speaks for itself.”

– Lois Vitry-Trapman, Director of Sales and Marketing, Swiss Development Group

“Yves is a consummate professional. We will always turn to him for our photography needs.”

– Oz Gurtuna, Founder, Plumfind



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